Kickin It With Lucia in VA

Headed down to Virginia on Saturday to spend some time with my niece Lucia (almost ten months!), and will probably stay till manana. Lucia has started crawling and clapping her hands and standing up (with support) in her crib since I last saw her!

Dunno if I can get photos of last weeks winners posted until I get back, since I don’t have a computer on me (I’m on my friends mom’s computer). In the meantime, here’s a few things to kick around:

  • My latest on Kerrie Lee’s blog is about today’s weird news, including the latest giant squid info.
  • Went to the Sixers game on Friday and was amazed that it wasn’t a sellout. In fact not even close. What’s the problem? This is an exciting team with lots of loveable players, from rookie phenom Thaddeus Young to workhorse Reggie Evans to point guard/savior Andre Miller (the better half of the AI trade, if you ask me). The team tanked hard in the 2nd half yesterday, but hopefully can pull off another upset at Detroit on Tuesday.
  • Today is Harper Lee’s 82nd birthday. She has not written a single book since 1960s To Kill a Mockingbird. Here is a very good piece on her and her friendship with Truman Capote.

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