Ken Jennings Rocks


Ken Jennings is listing his favorite bands in each state
, and I gotta admit, I’m amazed at how many good bands Ken Jennings knows. In Pennsylvania it’s the Roots, and in New York he throws out Public Enemy but gives it to Velevet Underground. Then he makes a call that really makes me think that he and I are two peas in a pod: Virginia: Okay, I’ll be damned if I’m going to put Phish and Dave Matthews Band right in a row. Screw you, jam bands. Does the Carter Family count? Fine, GWAR then. GWAR could chew Dave Matthews up and spit him out. Now, I don’t really like GWAR, but the fact that he gave it to a somewhat obscure heavy metal band over the dreadful DMB gets MAJOR props from me. He also gave Connecticut to Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, who I think are a bit overrated but still think it’s amazing that a Mormon from the middle of nowhere has heard of them.

In Florida, I disagree (Skynard over Tom Petty in my book), but am impressed that he trashes the garbage from there. Florida is clearly the First State of Sucky Bands. Creed, Matchbox Twenty, Limp Bizkit…and that’s before I even get to the boy bands.

In Hawaii, he goes with Pepper, which is wow. I am amazed that he’s heard of them. They are from Kona (the town I lived in), and I saw them live once with about 25 other people. This is like seeing your buddies high school band getting props from Ken Jennings.

In Maryland he goes with Good Charlotte, but is quick to point out that they are the only group from Maryland he’s ever heard of.

All in all, a pretty impressive list. (Stumbled onto via D-Mac.)

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