Final Film Fest Review

Oh yeah, I almost forgot I had one more review. Last Saturday I went and saw the Rocky Balboa Picture Show, which consisted of three shorts. The first one was called Rocky Jumped Over a Park Bench, and it was hilarious. Basically, the guy hosting it was a big Rocky fan and went to all of the spots in the area where Rocky’s 1-6 were filmed to see how they look today. Really great stuff, and apparently he’ll have it uploaded to Youtube in a week or so, so I’ll post a link once he does. Next up was Frankie 13 vs. the World. This one was a little weird. I couldn’t tell if they were trying to make a documentary or a movie. Either way, I thought they took Rock Paper Scissors a little too seriously. Not a bad film (and D-Mac and I had cameos!), but RPS is a minefield of comedic opportunity, and I thought it coulda been a little funnier. That being said, I still got mad love for Frankie 13, and look forward to destroying him in upcoming RPS matches. Finally, the night ended with This is My Cheesesteak. This was a flat out winner. I know I kind of get down on the ubiquity of cheesesteak culture in Philly sometimes, but this film was just flat out fun. Basically, a guy named Ben Daniels visited six of Philly’s most beloved cheesesteak shops and hung out with the owners of each, and got the story behind each one. He then had some fun by showing them a Hot Pockets cheesesteak and had them all try one. The results were hilarious. A true love story told by a former native now living elsewhere. You can buy this film by clicking here, and I highly recommend doing so. You are going to love this film.

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