Around the Horn, Brought to You By Trivia Arts Mouth (Like we’re not gonna beat this one into the ground.)

  • I assume you saw the Colbert Report last night, with Nutter and Ben Franklin. If not, check it out.
  • Speaking of Nut, here’s a pretty interesting article about him and his decision to support Hillary in the NY Times.
  • Traci Lords pitched a sitcom to award winning comedy writer Ken Levine. Here’s how it went down.
    We met her at her manager’s office and to answer the obvious first question – she still looked pretty great. Not smoking hot but she made the transition into legal age very nicely. However, one thing was painfully apparent after two minutes – she was seriously unfunny.
  • Bill Cosby is coming out with a rap CD. The first single off the CD is a song called “Stop, Puddin’ Pop, and Lock It.”

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