Why go to Quizzo Bowl?

blue-horizon new-thumb-400x253.jpg

  1. It is a shot at Quizzo immortality. Anyone worth their salt in the quizzo world knows that the Champs won the first two and that the Sofa Kingdom won last year. If you win this year, your name will be forever ingrained in quizzo lore.
  2. Winning team walks with $600 cash and free memberships to Zipcar.
  3. Black Elvis’s backup band The Burnin’ Loves are, quite frankly, incredible musicians.
  4. The Blue Horizon.
  5. There will be a documentary crew on hand to cover the action, and you may very well be a movie star by this time next year. Well, maybe not a star. But you’ll be like Paulie in Rocky.
  6. JGT quizzo shirts will be unveiled for the first time ever.
  7. It is the most fun thing going on in Philly this weekend, guaranteed.
  8. The Legendary WID is one of the funniest comedians I have ever seen in my life. If you like puns, you are gonna love the WID.
  9. Black Elvis.
  10. All you can drink Sly Fox beer and a chance to see JGT rap. Nevermind that second part. JGT will not be rapping at this event.

Get your tickets now!

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