When Quizzos Attack

Apparently, there was a bit of a rumble at the quizzo at Dirty Frank’s last week. According to Quizmaster Chris’s website: The game was delayed repeatedly by a drunken, violent Frank’s employee who no one seemed completely interested in controlling or removing. Apparently hitting people, loudly challenging the entire bar to a fight and throwing furniture isn’t enough to get a person fired let alone flagged, even barred within the same evening. Koob of the Kingdom was there, so I asked him for some more details, and he said: Some guy got hammered and him and his buddy started fake wrestling and it got kind of out of hand and it seemed like it was turning into an actual fight and then there was some girl in the middle of it crying and stuff. I didn’t really pay attention. I think he slapped the bouncer in the face at one point and eventually he left.

Last night I played at Tangier and then talked to Irish John afterwards. He told me that one time, some guy started shouting out answers, so he went over to him and: “I didn’t hit him hard enough to knock him down, but I hit him hard enough to let him know that he needed to quit shouting out the ******* answers.” One time he caught a guy in the bathroom with an encyclopedia. A few weeks later, this same guy left midway through a round after the question, “What is in a B-52?” was asked. He reappeared a few minutes later with the correct answer. Turns out, he had walked to the bar next door, asked the bartender what was in a B-52, and then returned. John gave him a lifetime ban. Of course, I almost got into a fight at Dark Horse quizzo once. But without question, my favorite quizzo attack was this one.

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