The Weekend

The weekend started inauspiciously, with a tough loss for my Little League basketball team on Friday night. But on Saturday I got some revenge, as my Senior League team avenged it’s only loss this year with a big win. We then kicked off our tutoring program at the Marian Anderson Center, which was pretty awesome. We had about a dozen kids volunteer for the program (and I’m confident more will follow), and I had 6 volunteer tutors from the quizzo world show up, which was great.

Saturday night went to Southwark for dinner. Bar is beautiful, service was terrific, food was good though not spectacular. Swung by O’Neals afterwards for a drink. I was there when Andre Igoudala hit that 55 footer against the Suns. Don’t you hate it when someone is telling you a story and something like that happens and you have ADD so you can’t help but throw your hands up in the air and the person you’re with just thinks you’re a bad listener and that’s probably why you’re 33 and single? Yeah, I hate it when that happens too.

Sunday, was gonna grab brunch with Trivia Art and his mom and then get some work done. Well, the brunch part went according to plan; the getting work done part not so much. Had brunch at 707. Places like that are a little too trendy and stuffy for my taste, but the french toast was really good. Decided to stop into Jose Pistollas to see the Lovely Ginger (who was behind the bar) and have a quick drink. Well, fun person after fun person filed through the door, and the next thing you know it’s 6 p.m. and four of us are heading out to the Palestra for the Temple-St. Joe’s game. Had a buddy round up two tix and leave them for us. We scalped another two for $25 total (Negotiating with scalpers is one of my hidden talents.) and headed through the door. The Palestra is a shrine, the place was packed, and the game was incredible, coming down to the final shot. Ended the weekend in Mad Mex discussing the legalities of a coup d’etat against Phillies ownership (apparently, coup d’etats are illegal.)

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