Ten Bars That Shoulda Made the Cut

Sorry, but I am a big fan of lists (and a big fan of bars), so I”m gonna harp on this a little bit longer. Here are ten bars I think shoulda been on the list, and for the sake of being impartial, I won’t include the ones where I work.

  • Cantina. Shocking that this didn’t make the cut. Great food, great margaritas.
  • Nick’s Roast Beef. An oasis of calm in a sea of d-baggery, Nick’s has good cheap food, solid bartenders who know their sports, and that great roast beef sandwich. I love the Nick’s in South Philly as well.
  • Jose Pistollas. Great beer selection and one of their two bars has no TVs which I am a big proponent of.
  • Plough and the Stars. On the weekend, this place turns into toolbag central, but during the week it is a beautiful bar with good food and a gorgeous fireplace.
  • Dirty Frank’s. How did Dirty Frank’s not make the list? This place is legendary, and I hear they have great fights on quizzo night.
  • Speaking of legends, Doobie’s has great bartenders, a great jukebox, and a solid late night menu.
  • Brigid’s. This is one of the city’s great first date spots. The food is great but not expensive, the ambience is cozy, and they have a lot of interesting beers.
  • Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar. Only been a couple of times, but it’s a great South Philly spot with tons of character.
  • The Khyber. Like the Cantina, I was shocked that this funky dive didn’t make it. An Old City institution.
  • XIX. Who says a classy bar can’t make the list? Gorgeous bar, great service, and happy hour specials that make drinks here almost cheap enough for you and me.

Who do you think got the shaft?

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