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Well, I’m still smarting from PW’s slight, but I must be a bigger man (however, if I have not received a formal apology from PW in 24 hours, I will be exacting my revenge) and get past it. Each of the contributers (myself included) were asked to list 10 of our favorite bars. Here was my list (in no particular order):

  • North Third
  • Bards
  • Oscar’s
  • Good Dog
  • Fish Bar at FriSatSun
  • Locust Rendezvous
  • Jose Pistollas
  • Black Sheep
  • O’Neals
  • Standard Tap

Make of that what you will. In hindsight, I might have subbed the Cantina for Fish Bar, though Fish Bar is a great place for a date, on the off chance I ever have one. Still, I am shocked that Cantina did not make the cut. That was a huge oversight. Last summer, we did a poll of best bars in Philly and it resulted in the Cantina losing by two measly votes to the Standard Tap. I’ll have a list of the other bars that shoulda made the cut, those that shouldn’t have been on the list, and the worst bars in Philly later on today.

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