Good Things Happening in Philly

Dunno if you caught the story about the Big Brothers Big Sisters program in the Daily News a few days ago, but if not please read it. Here is the impact you could have on a child’s life by joining the BBBS program: “I have seen my granddaughter go from being a child who had no voice, who was sad most of the time, to being a new Gloria who is independent, who has high self-esteem, who loves to help people – a Gloria who is going to survive, a Gloria who is going to make it in this world,” said the child’s maternal grandmother, Gloria Mar.

I also want to thank the quizzo community for the awesome things we’ve put together these past few months. Every coach, ref, and scorekeeper at the Christian Street YMCA save one is from the quizzo community. And these guys are incredible. One of the coaches was late to his brothers rehearsal dinner so he could be there for his team at the game last Friday night. Amazing. The tutors at the Marian Anderson Center are all from the quizzo community, and I am extremely excited about where the program is going. I suspect that for many of these young teenagers, this is the first time they have ever gotten one-on-one attention in terms of schoolwork. Those who have stepped up and made an effort to help the lives of those around you, I cannot thank you enough. I know there are plenty more of you who want to get involved. Quit thinking about it and do it! If you want to look into making a profound impact on the future of a child’s life and therefore the future of this city, please contact Spencer Wright at Big Brothers Big Sisters either by emailing him or by calling 215 701-8100. If you are interested in tutoring (math especially), please contact me.

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