AI’s Return

With the Flyers tanking hard and the Sixers looking good but with nobody watching, tonight marks the first time many of you will pay any attention to pro sports in Philly since the Eagles were eliminated from the playoff hunt, due to the return of one of Philly’s all-time most captivating athletes. Well, here’s a few thoughts on the Sixers and AI: First of all, the Sixers are better off without him. This is a young, impressionable team that is going to learn a lot of positives from point guard Andre Miller, who came from Denver in the trade. Andre Miller isn’t just “talkin ’bout practice”, he’s attending it. The Sixers are one good power forward away from being the 3rd or 4th best team in the East, and they should make a splash in the free agent market this offseason due in part to not having to pay AI an obscene amount of money. The “let’s build a team around one guy” concept was intriguing, and worked for a year or two, but it is simply impossible to sustain in the NBA. See Kobe after Shaq and before Gasol. All in all, if I was attending, I would give him a hearty standing O, as I have been a fan of his hustle and heart for a long time. But I do think he’s a bit overrated, as he takes a ton of absolutely terrible shots every game. And, as a coach of impressionable youngsters, I’d rather not have him as a role model in my city. I appreciate the “keeping it real” stuff when it came to fashion and friends, but kicking down doors with a gun while looking for your wife? Yeah, I’m not really into that, and we haven’t really had to deal with a lot of that from Andre Miller and Andre Igoudala.

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