A few quick notes about the Bowl

FOOD AND DRINK: The Philly Pretzel Factory is hooking us up with pretzels, and there will be other assorted snacks. As far as drinking is concerned, Sly Fox is providing us with their Helles Golden Lager, a German style lager, and their Seamus Irish Red Ale, which is a new red ale. I had one a few days ago for the first time and loved it. Beer is included in admission. They will also be serving food at the afterparty.

QUESTIONS: 12 questions per round, four rounds. Should be slightly more difficult than usual, but not ridiculously so.

TEAM SIZE: Up to 8. If you have a smaller team, no problem, we’ll just team you up with another small group.

AFTERPARTY: Going down at Urban Saloon (21st and Fairmount). I know you guys’ll be hungry by then, so they agreed to keep the kitchen open late. They’re also giving us a great deal on drinks, with $2.50 domestics and $3.50 craft and imports.

In addition to the $1,000 purse, I have about over 15 gift certificates to give away to local restaurants with random drawings throughout the night. Also, the first 100 people through the door get a free copy of the latest issue of Mental Floss magazine.

HOW TO GET THERE: Here is a map of where the Blue Horizon is. Parking should be pretty easy, and the Broad Street Line will take you to Girard, which is two blocks away.

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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