Week in Review, brought to you by Frank Buckles

A very interesting week of quizzo. It started on a quiet Tuesday, when I Got Nothin’, a team that’s been playing for a good year without a victory, finally got over the hump at O’Neals. On to a mellow Bards, where the Dysfunktion beat up on the Sofa Kingdom, scoring a 111-91 win. Big blowouts on Wednesday as the Jams cruised to a 104-83 win. The most impressive win of the week came at the Black Sheep, as Duane’s World only missed one question in the whole game on their way to 116 points. We finally got a thriller at the Good Dog, as Team Awesome (a team that included my ex) made a 4th round comeback to pull off a 100-96 win over Dorksided. Finally, a shootout at the Bards, as the Hurtin Bombs and Sofa Kingdom finished in a tie with 110, and the top 5 teams all cracked the 100 point plateau. The Hurtin’ Bombs pulled off the win in OT. To see the full scoreboard, click below.

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