Week in Review

Can you smell what the Omelette is cookin’? The story this week was without a doubt the play of the Western Omelette, who pulled off the unprecedented feat of two perfect final rounds in the same week, enabling them to knock off the Kingdom at the Bards both times.

But that was not the only interesting development this week, as we saw one team get quite close to a bounty, Smackdown’s team start to warm up for Quizzo Bowl, and the Jams go down in a squeaker.

At O’Neals, Smackdown (who, sadly, still has a boyfriend. Sorry Bob T.), Trivia Art, D-Mac, et al. (named Archie Hamburgers Blowback Chicken Army) edged the Young, the Old, and the Restless, 100-97, and ended We Got Nothin’s three week run.

Sweep the Leg, Johnny held on to edge the Jams at the Rendezvous. The Jams became the 2nd team to have a 3 game winning streak ended.

At the Sheep, Eschaton (aka Duane’s Minions) cruised to an easy victory, ending the two week run of the Dalembert Report.

The team closest to a bounty? Fort Awesome at the Good Dog. They held a comfortable lead from wire to wire, and cruised to a 99-74 win over The Underachievers. If they win next week, it will result in the first ever bounty bowl at the Good Dog.

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