Week in Review

Another wild one, as we have a couple of unlikely teams over halfway to Bounty Bowls. We start at O’Neals, where We Got Nothin’ has come out of nowhere to win three straight weeks at O’Neals. On to the Bards, where the Sofa Kingdom ended the Dyfunktion’s two week run. At the Vous, it was “Where’s the Beef” cruising again this week with yet another double digit win. The Dalembert Report pulled off their 2nd straight win at the Black Sheep, spoiling the return oone of Johnny’s all-time favorites from the old school, WTF. At the Good Dog, MAGMA returned to try to take back their rightful place as kings of the hill, but got clipped by Team Awesome, as it was Team Awesome’s 3rd consecutive win. Finally, on to a ridiculously packed Bards,where the Kingdom and the Omelette both had a perfect score going into the final round, but finished tied for 2nd, as the Hurtin’ Bombs took home the gold. Scoreboard coming soon.

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