The Donspiracist Returns With Fluoride: Poison Without Consent

The Donspiracist had to take off a few months to move…probably to stay one step ahead of the government, which is obviously trying to silence him. The powers that be will certainly not be pleased with his latest, in which he examines why our drinking water is poisoned, not by terrorists, but by our government. -ed.

If I claimed that the government is trying to poison you by putting hazardous chemicals intentionally into our water supply, you’d inevitably tell me I’m nuts.

Before you read any further, go to your medicine cabinet and take out your toothpaste.

Turn it to the back and read it carefully, especially where it says Warnings.

I have a tube of Colgate and Sensodyne in my bathroom (So I have sensitive teeth. So what?), and both their warnings read about the same: If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control center right away.

Funny, I thought this was a product that is safe for the whole family to use. Imagine if a box of Chips Ahoy said something similar. Or a jar of Cheez Whiz. Or a boxed fruit drink. Or a bottle of vodka.

If you look further, you notice that under ingredients, sodium fluoride is listed as an active ingredient. In FDA speak, that means it’s a drug.

This is the same stuff that is put in our water, Philadelphia included. Of course, experts will assure us that it has been done for over forty years and that the concentration is miniscule, only 1 part per million (ppm). What they won’t tell you is how small the gap is between a therapeutic dose of fluoride and a toxic dose of fluoride: therapeutic is 1 ppm, and toxic is 4 ppm. Hmm….

If someone told you they were going to put 1 ppm of arsenic or lead in your water, would you drink it? Would you let your kids drink it? I wouldn’t either, yet it is scientifically proven that fluoride is as toxic as those deadly poisons.

Here are some more eye-opening facts about fluoride:

Sodium fluoride is actually a toxic waste that comes from both the aluminum and fertilizer industries. In fact, it was Alcoa which was the driving force in convincing the American Dental Association to agree to fluoridate water back in the 1940’s. Initially, the ADA was against the idea, as studies of the toxicity of fluoride had been around since the 1920’s.

Besides, it was well known that both the Nazis and the Soviets used fluoride to pacify prisoners in concentration camps. In fact, Dr. Phylis Mullenix, a Boston researcher, has called fluoride a neurotoxin, and cites numerous studies that suggest that fluoride lowers IQ, especially in children, who get a larger dose than adults due to their smaller body weight.

The ADA recently stopped recommending mothers use fluoridated water to mix baby formula.

Fluoride is most commonly used in heavy industry: making aluminum, fertilizer, insecticide, high octane gas, nerve gas (notably Sarin), Teflon, and psychotropic drugs. It is also a key ingredient in enriching uranium, and, until the 1960’s, was widely used as a rat poison.

Glass of water anyone?

Recently, 7000 employees of the the EPA have petitioned the agency to stop recommending fluoridation of our water supply. Their words seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Fluoride is associated with dental fluorosis (those white or brown splotches many people have on their teeth), bone problems in young boys, hip fractures, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems, and infertility.

Who gets hurt the most by fluoride? The poor. In 2001, dental researcher Brian Burt, DDS at the University of Michigan told the National Institute of Health, “Sadly, fluoride’s adverse effects hurt the malnourished the most, including neurological impairment, bone deformities, dental defects, thyroid dysfunction and more.”

Any evidence that does suggest that fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay does not distinguish between its use topically (as in toothpaste) and its use when ingested. If toothpaste carries a poison warning if it’s swallowed, then why are we dumping the crap into our water? And even if you get a filter, it’s still in restaurant food, in some bottled water, in prepared and frozen foods, and in fruit juices.

Why are we being medicated against our consent? The ADA calls water fluoridation the single greatest public health achievement of the last century. Would they be making the same claim about lead or arsenic? I doubt it. But yet, we are told that fluoridated water is safe, just as a generation ago we were told that lead paint was in small enough quantities to not affect our children, and how we are still told that the mercury-based thimerserol is safe in our vaccines. A recent report on thimerserol claimed that the mercury in it flushed out of the body too quickly to have an adverse affect.

Hmmm. Once again, if health officials said, “Hey this has lead in it but don’t worry, it’s a special kind; it flushes out of your body too quickly to cause any problems, would that reassure you?”

I didn’t think so.

So we are left with the question: why does it continue to be a consistent and persistent public policy to dump known industrial toxic waste into our water supply?

On the micro level, a lot of the health officials involved probably have no idea of most of the facts I’ve just told you, but on the macro level, Occam’s razor seems to suggest that someone wants us poisoned. You can call it the secret government, the New World order, the Illuminati — it doesn’t matter. But it does seem to suggest that someone in control does not have our best interests at heart.

Cynics claim it is a way for the aluminum and fertilizer industries to cheaply rid themselves of waste that normally would be costly to dispose of. But the fact that they Nazis and Soviets used fluoride to pacify and “dumb down” prisoners seems to eliminate this as the sole reason.

Who, then, would want our IQ’s lowered and our ability to resist softened? Hmm…

How about those who want to invade foreign countries on false pretenses? Those who pursue phony wars on terror and drugs while they line their pockets with the profits of those same ventures? Those who are selling us on the need for round the clock security – national ID cards, cameras on traffic lights and police cars and in school bathrooms and nearly everywhere else – to combat terrorists that have struck but once on American soil in the last 17 years? Those who have upped the vaccination schedule for our children to over 20 shots before kindergarten even starts, and then fill those vaccines with mercury which is one of the most toxic substances on Earth? Those who are proposing remotely controlling thermostats in homes in California?

You get my point, but if you decide to go fluoride free, know this: some filters don’t work against it. And my survey of local pharmacies and supermarkets found only ONE brand of toothpaste that does not contain fluoride. It’s a variety of Tom’s of Maine (Note however that many varieties of Tom’s do contain fluoride).

Those who are fighting against us have limited our options. Soon, we might not have any.

For further info, check out the following:

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