Super Bowl Thoughts

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Yes, it was a great Super Bowl, perhaps the greatest ever. Right up there with Bengals-Niners, Broncos-Packers, and Titans-Rams. And yes, because I am a closeted Dolphins fan, I had no choice but to root for the Giants. And I was jumping up and down hysterically when David Tyree made the greatest catch in football history, on what was the greatest play in pro football history. (The third best play in football history over all: Number one is here, and number two is here.) But I have to admit, when it was all over, I had kind of a sick feeling in my stomach. Had it been the Packers, I would have been overjoyed, but these are the Giants, and I can only be but so thrilled when they win a Super Bowl.

Nonetheless, it was a great time. My dad and his college roommate get together every year and bet a bottle of whiskey on the Super Bowl (they’ve watched 37 of the past 39 Super Bowls together), and my dad had the Patriots this year, which he thought was a sure thing. We had clams and oysters and homemade hot wings and DiBruno Bros. cheese that I bought down, as well as a Super Bowl cake I got from Isgro’s (above). All in all, a fine way to spend a birthday.

As for the commercials, my favorites were the Will Ferrell commercial, the Charles Barkley one, and the one for the Planter’s nuts when the nerdy girl has guys all checking her out because she rubbed the peanuts on her wrists and her cleavage. And can I just say for the record that I am over animals in commercials. Talking and dancing animals have been played out for like ten years. Please stop! And I hate talking babies! Seriously, they did a movie about this 20 freaking years ago. The joke is over! It’s hack! Please! Anyways, if you’d like to vote for your favorite commercial, go here. Most of the ones that people are voting for are the stupidest ones, which really makes me upset. Man, why do I let this piss me off so much?

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