Philly Gets Bashed Again

This time it was Forbes magazine, calling us the 5th most miserable city in the country. The guy who wrote the piece, Kurt Badenhausen (left), is a real creative mastermind. To illustrate how miserable we are, he used a fresh and invigorating example-the time we booed Santa. Wow, Kurt, nice work. Did you know that we also have cheesesteaks? Maybe you can use that in your next piece. Or maybe compare us to Rocky. Well, here are a few things you didn’t know about “Cliche” Kurt Badenhausen

1. Kurt’s favorite thing to do in Philadelphia? Get a cheesesteak from Subway and wash it down with a cold Coors Light at Kildare’s.
2. Kurt’s favorite color is “mauve”.
3. Kurt’s says his favorite football team is “the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders 😉 LOL.”
4. Badenhausen is German for “House of Bad.”
5. Kurt has a poster of an eagle above his dresser with the word Determination written below it. It’s the first thing Kurt sees in the morning.

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