News and Notes


  • First off, quizzo tonight. Irish John is kicking off a new quizzo at Tangier (18th and Lombard) at 9 p.m., I believe. I bring up a rival quizzo for two reasons. a) I like Irish John and b) because it’s near my house and on a Monday, so if it works I may try to put a team together. Doubt I’ll make it tonight (It is Gladiator Monday), but I’ll try to make it in a few weeks after Gladiators ends.
  • Great weekend. Went to the Blue Horizon on Friday night with Gabe from Western Omelette. After watching the fights, we went to the Sidecar (22nd and Christian) where I got their amazing Crawfish Monica, which is quite honestly the best thing I’ve eaten in 2008. Finished the night with an appearance at the Dolphin Tavern. Saturday night I went to Jose Pistollas (a place that also has quizzo tonight, as well as the lovely Ginger behind the bar). Great Belgian beer selection. I highly recommend it. Last night I stayed home and watched Saving Private Ryan for the first time in ten years. Great film. I’ve been in war flicks lately. Last week I watched Platoon for the first time in probably 15 years.
  • Remember to mark your calendars. March 29th. Quizzo Bowl IV. Right now, I’m still working on particulars. A lot more to do to get this thing ready than last year. Will keep you updated.

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