Happy Birthday, Sir Charles!

One of my favorite people in America celebrates a B-day today. Here’s a few choice Charles quotes, courtesy of barkleyquotes.com:

  • On the Portland Trail Blazers serving Thanksgiving meals: “In between arrests they do community service.”
  • “You’re the boss, Ernie. The white guy’s always the boss.”
  • “They say it about brothers, but I can guarantee everybody in Finland look alike.”
  • Ernie: Do the Knicks have any chance of turning things around? Charles: Heeellll No!
  • On the Enron scandal investigation: “Almost all those politicians took money from Enron, and there they are holding hearings. That’s like O.J. Simpson getting in the Rae Carruth jury pool.”
  • Ernie Johnson: “Auburn is a pretty good school. To graduate from there I suppose you really need to work hard and put forth maximum effort.” Sir Charles: “20 pts and 10 rebounds will get you through also.”
  • “I’m not a role model, … Just because I dunk a basketball doesn’t mean I should raise your kids.”
  • “When I was recruited at Auburn, they took me to a strip joint. When I saw those t**s on Buffy, I knew that Auburn met my academic requirements.”

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