The American Gladiator meltdown

Earlier this week, I talked about the meltdown one of the contestants had at the end of American Gladiators. Well, I uploaded it to youtube. A few things to look for: First of all Toya (in the red) must have landed on her face like 10 times over the course of this event. I showed a couple of them at the start. Then, she just keeps falling over and over on the treadmill, as the woman in blue gets closer. Finally, she employs the worst strategy I’ve ever seen employed in an athletic endeavor: she just lies there, unmoving, and apparently hopes that this is all a bad dream. Finally she gets up and falls on her face again. By now she has been passed, and mercifully, the treadmill gets turned off so she can finish without another faceplant. To no avail, b/c when she breaks thru the wall at the very end, she apparently doesn’t realize there is a 10 foot dropoff, so she tumbles face first and doesn’t even brace her fall, landing directly on her face yet again.

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