Somebody shoot me

This is terrible. All we can hope is that he is the next Barry Zito. Good job, Twins. Sure you couldn’t have gotten some more worthless junk in return? Pathetic. Here’s the reaction in Minnesota. They are trying to stay positive: The Twins have been known to surprise us before. Who would have thought that the prospects received back in the Frank Viola trade would help push them to a World Series championship just two years later? Who could have known that the prospects brought over in the Chuck Knoblauch deal would help form the foundation for putting them back into contention after a horrible dry spell in the late ’90s? Needless to say, they are euphoric in New York. And here in Philly, we are obviously miserable. The sounds of our “small splashes” never sounded so small. This is a tidalwave, causing a flood that will submerge the rest of the National League East for six or seven years. Baseball’s best pitcher belongs to the Mets, set to anchor the rotation for years to come while canceling out our best hitters head-to-head. The Mets are trying to build a champion, the Phillies are trying to screw over their best player while telling us we should be excited about Pedro Feliz.

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