Scoreboard, Brought to you by King Obnoxious at the Black Sheep


  1. Young, the Old and the Restless 90
  2. Cornbread Mafia 89
  3. Does the Speed Round Involve Meth? 88
  4. I Got Nothin’ 83
  5. Dork Sided 82


  1. Sofa Kingdom 115
  2. Western Omelette 107
  3. Hurtin Bombs 95
  4. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion 92
  5. Obama’s Not Half Bad 86


  1. The Jams 100
  2. This Is Not a Bus 96
  3. The Marcie Salad is People 84
  4. Oprah’s Book Club 80
  5. If She Were a Tub, I’d Caulk Her 79


  1. Duane’s Satans 91
  2. Fine Young Cannibals 86
  3. Oops I Lost My Kids Again 81
  4. Philly Hardcore 77
  5. Baron Munchausen 75


  1. The Axis of Evil Knieval 101
  2. Fort Awesome 90
  3. Grandma Ashlie 89
  4. Crusaders 84
  5. The double dot Fa-Chinas 80


  1. Sofa Kingdom 103
  2. Space Toilet 2: Electric Boogaloo 92
  3. Hurtin Bombs 88
  4. Western Omelette 87
  5. Brokeback Mountain 2: The TO and Romo Story 76

After a week full of upsets, the universe returned to normal this week, with the favored teams winning every single quizzo. But we did have some real tight contests, and one of the biggest shootouts in recent memory at the Bards. This is Not a Bus is the first team in a long time to consistently give the Jams fits. Hopefully next week will bring some more surprises. One surprise we had this week was the guy above, the loudest, most obnoxious player we’ve probably ever had to deal with. In the opening rounds, every time his team got one right, he would holler out, “Yeah M***** F******!!!” at the top of his lungs. Fortunately, as the game progressed and his team slipped further and further behind, the yells came at longer intervals.

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