Quizzo News

The stock market crashed must have gotten people too scared to leave the house last night, cause we had our slowest night in months. Nonetheless, the match at O’Neals was determined by a coin flip and at the Bards two teams went into the final round with a perfect 64. For those playing tonight, the trend is this: the first three rounds are pretty easy, but the impossible round is damn hard.

Also, gonna start a new quizzo at Draught Horse up by Temple on Monday. I won’t always be hosting it, as have hired a new man, named Doctor Sandman. More on him later this week. Anyways, the details are as follows: Monday nights at 8 p.m. at the Draught Horse (1431 Cecil B. Moore Ave.) Ifou know anybody at Temple law school, please let them know. Thanks!

Finally, just need to hear from one more member of the band and we’ll be good to go for QB4. However, he’s the star of the show, so I can’t really do anything until I can confirm him for March 29th. Hopefully today.

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