Around the Horn, Brought to you by Johnny and Ginger


  • Just went and checked out a great venue on the Quizzo Bowl front. In fact, I think I can even throw out the term “cautiously optimistic” that we will have a deal lined up soon.
  • This could only happen on the Love Connection.
  • (Updated! Now Working!)

  • Ginger and I have decided that our 2008 resolution is to be classy. In an effort to prove it, we had a drink at both Rae and XIX on friday. Very classy, even though when I told the waitress that “I’d have whatever the happy hour special is” probably wasn’t real classy. But hey, it’s early. I’m still learning.
  • Happy birthday Benedict Arnold!
  • The Patriots are favored by 14 points over the Chargers. Do you think the Patriots will cover?

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