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  • Spent my Saturday night lying on my couch watching the Buddy Holly Story (and you thought I didn’t have an exciting life!) Anyways, great movie. Did a little research after it was over and stumbled across something pretty incredible. Peggy Sue (the inspiration for the Holly song) and Holly’s wife, Maria Santiago, have never gotten along. Well, Peggy Sue recently decided to release a book in which she says that Holly was planning to divorce Santiago and marry her. Santiago is not pleased, and is suing for the book to not be released. I wish two women would get in a catfight over me 50 years after my death. That is my main wish. My 2nd wish is for a time machine.
  • It was on this date in 1950 that George Orwell died. Here is his obit in the BBC. One of my favorite Orwell shorts is “Shooting an elephant”. The correlation between this story and our current foreign policy is striking.
  • Sex with robots is on its way. Finally! Levy, however, foresees dolls imbued with artificial intelligence to give them personality and charm. The first talking sex robots, he says, could just utter a few stock phrases. (“You’re huge!”) With my luck with electronics (and women), I’m sure I’d order a defective one. “Wait, before we do anything, I’d like to…beeedie, beeedie, beedie…rehash that argument we had last night. “
  • Ram It! Just Ram It! Man, I hope the Patriots put out a rap song before the Super Bowl.

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