Annnnnnnnd…we’re back!

Alright, it’s been a slow ten days on the site but now we’re back and badder than ever. While at home, I recorded an interview with Willie Gee in which he discusses the Michael Vick situation, who he’s rooting for in the presidential race, and about what outrageous stunt he pulled off to avoid suspension in high school. Also have a pretty funny New Years Eve story. I’ll start posting some of that stuff soon. Also, think I’ve made some headway in Quizzo Bowl preperations over the break. Gonna contact the venue today about Saturday, March 15th. I’ve got two bands and sound and lighting lined up, and I might even have the food situation lined up as well. Gotta write my Metro column, but then I’ll be back in full force. In the meantime, nobody has answered the questions under the pics of Christmas Ape and Duane’s World. Get on it.

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