When and Where should we do Quizzo Bowl IV?

They have availability at the World Cafe Live for Friday, February 15th. Before you answer the poll question, keep a few things in mind: It is not easy to find a new venue that contains all of the amenities that the World Cafe live offers (great acoustics for band, beer service, food, seating for 300 people at tables.) And perhaps most importantly, it is a cabride away for most of you. I do not know of a similar facility in Philly unless we look to the suburbs (If you know of any similar facility in the city that meet the requirements of food, booze, great sound, good location, by all means post it in the comments below). The poll will not be my final call on this (I also have to check with my advisers* and have to see if the band is available), but I wanna get a feel for what you guys think about this.

*read: Ginger and Trivia Art.

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