Quizzo News and notes

-I’ll have full details on City vs. City Smackdown later this afternoon. Working on one last little detail now and then we’ll be up and running.

-Tonight, quizzo at O’Neals (3rd and South) at 8 p.m. and quizzo at the Bards (20th and Walnut) at 10:15 p.m. In case you haven’t already heard, I have put a $20 bounty on the heads of the Sofa Kingdom at the Bards.

-Still unsure of a venue for Quizzo Bowl, unfortunately. World Cafe Live couldn’t find me a Saturday. Which I’d prefer. Should we do it on a Sunday at WCL or should I continue to look elsewhere (I’m thinking about looking at the Starlight Ballroom.)? Also, I could possibly get it on a Friday at WCL. Thoughts on that?

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