Quick notes

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  • Scores are rolling in, slowly but surely. Geez, in this technological age, this is like waiting for the afternoon paper to find out what happened in yesterday’s baseball game in the 1920s. Looks like it’s tight between us and Seattle this time. Albuquerque did better than Denver. Still waiting on Colorado Springs. Will have scores up later this afternoon.
  • Gotta go to my dental appointment soon to get my gums lowered (they’ve been riding a little too high in my mouth, apparently.) In other words, the dentist could just stick a bunch of steel into my mouth for an hour, say “We’re all done. Now pay us $1100.” and there is no way I could ever tell in a million years if a single thing had been done other than cause me a lot of mouth pain. Oh well, my dentist’s name is “Painless Parker”, so I’m sure I’ll be fine.
  • You know that really nice old man who dresses in a suit and plays his flute at various spots around the city (I used to see him a lot on South Street)? A member of the Rittenhouse gestapo arrested him in March for playing at 18th and Chestnut, but the flutist struck back, and was recently awarded $27,500 in damages. Hooray freedom! Thanks Hunter for sending this in.

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