Phillies Get Serious About Winning Title, Add Jenkins and Durbin

Look out, National League! There is one team that is going to be not quite as good as it was last year, but will still win at least 80 games! That’s right, the Philadelphia Phillies, firm believers in tradition, have decided to pick up a few more pieces of rusty metal off the scrap heap. What looks like JD Durbin, sounds like JD Durbin, and puts about as much fear into opposing hitters as JD Durbin? That would be his brother, Chad Durbin, who is now a Philadelphia Phillie. Dontrelle Willis? Puh-leez. Johan Santana? Whatever. We’ve got Chad Durbin. That’s why this is one of the most storied franchises in all of sports, because they always are doing whatever it takes to build a champion. Speaking of building a champion, we have a new centerfielder to replace Rowand! Geoff Jenkins. He’s older than Rowand, and not as good as Rowand, but that’s OK, because he’s cheaper than Rowand, and that’s what this franchise is all about. Keeping it cheap. 4th largest market in baseball. 15th highest payroll. Jenkins actually isn’t that bad, though. He does give you a little pop in the outfield (21 HRs last year), but his BA was only .255. But he’s definitely not as good as Rowand.

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