One of the Wildest Weeks in Quizzo History

Gotta do a week in review this week. I can’t remember a single week in quizzo history where this much went down.
First, Philly rocked the nation at the City vs. City Smackdown. Speaking of Smackdown, her team almost pulled off the biggest upset ever.

The new online quizzo went up on Fox. This is the episode where I almost get captured by the giant lobster.

The Bombs implode in Round Four at the Bards on Tuesday.

A wild Wednesday, as the Jams lose for the 2nd week in a row, and Duane’s World doesn’t even crack the top 5. HIghest score of the week is at Black Sheep and is a 3 man team that included the Black Sheep chef.

Axis of Evil Knieval blows a lead going into the final round at the Good Dog, and a stacked Sofa Kingdom team falls to the Western Omelette in overtime.

In addition to that, a wild political discussion on the comments section under Bob T.’s latest piece, including the first time I think I’ve ever seen Steve O get mad, and Chip’s interview with Bob Thompson doesn’t work out the way he hoped.

What a week!

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