Around the Horn, brought to you by Me, Ol’ Blue Eyes, and The Truth

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-Anybody wondering why Darth Ern won’t be at his usual spot at the bar at the Vous tomorrow, here’s why: He’s gonna be at the Bill Clinton rally at the Electric Factory.

-On this date in 1935, Jay Berwanger was awarded the first ever Heisman Trophy. Guess what team selected him with the first pick in the 1936 draft? And guess who decided they’d rather be a foam rubber salesman than play for said team?

-It’s looking like we may be doing QBIV on February 15th at WCL. I’m hoping to look at the Hall of Flags and the Armory if I get a free minute later this week, but I asked about it at the Urban Outfitters headquarters down at the Shipyard, which is supposed to be an amazing space, and the lady said that it costs about $15,000 to run electricity in there. What????? Yeah, so that’s out. I also contacted the Diamond Club at the ballpark, and that ain’t big enough.

-Read this great short story by George Orwell having to do with imperialism called the Shooting an Elephant.

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