Yesterday was one of those rare good days to be a Philadelphia sports fan. The Flyers and Sixers both won big, but more importantly, Ed Wade finally helped the Phillies, giving us Brad Lidge for Michale Bourn. I like Bourn, and we’ll miss his speed, but we’ve still got plenty of speed with Vic and Rollins. This means that Myers will move back into the rotation. Now, I’m just praying that the team re-signs Romero and Rowand. Then this will be a squad worth getting excited about. The fantasy: our terrible ownership realizes that this may be the best team in Phils history, opens up the purse strings a bit, and goes after Dontrelle Willis. A rotation of Hamels, Myers, Willis, Kendrick, Moyer would make this the best team in the NL. Send Eaton to middle relief or the Afghani League or something. (Of course, the above scenario will never happen because we got rid of our best trade bait in Bourn, so we’ve got nothing to offer for Willis.)
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