Review of Spaceballs

You guys really blew it on this one. Terrible choice. I’m sorry, but I saw every single joke in this movie coming from a mile away. I may have laughed three or four times, but there was never a part of the movie that I can say I thoroughly enjoyed. Darth Helmet was the only moderately funny character. I love John Candy, and my disappointment in what a terrible character he played cannot be overstated. I’m sure I would have liked this movie when I was 12, and I have a feeling that that’s why you guys like it so much, but trust me, this one doesn’t hold up. Or perhaps if I had done some deadly marijuana and then watched it at the deadliest time of the day it would have been funnier. However, that would have also led down a road to death and despair. I suspect this is the worst movie I will see in the Classic Movie Experiment. D-

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