Quizzo News and Notes

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A couple of quick notes about quizzo before I post the top scores:

  • It was great to see the Axis of Evil Knieval, the Satan’s Minion, and Chill Rob A from MAGMA out this week. Hope to get you guys back in the mix on the reg, and still would love to see Haggis, the Goats, and the S*** Hawks back out again soon, among others.
  • Still working on a venue for city vs. city challenge and Quizzo Bowl IV. If anybody has an idea for a venue for City vs. City, let me know. In talks with World Cafe Live for QB IV, and am hoping we can make it happen. As I said before, I’ve got a musical act lined up that is going to BLOW YOUR FREAKING DOORS.
  • Quizzo is cancelled next Thursday, obviously, but we are on for Tuesday and Wednesday. Tuesday will be another bounty bowl for the Kingdom. Raising the stakes to $25 (in addition to $40 gift certificate) to any team that beats the SK.
  • Sofa Kingdom missed a perfect round by one point last night. The only thing they missed: “Who is returning to Trading Spaces?” They put Paige Wilson, and it’s Paige Davis. Oh, and happy birthday to Nate of the Kingdom.

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