Philly Sports Shorts


  • Point spread for the Eagles-Patriots game? 23 points. That is simply unbelievable. I am quite sure it is the first time a 5-5 team has ever been a 23 point underdog. And keep in mind that Super Bowl III is considered the biggest upset in NFL history, and the Jets were only an 18 point underdog. Even still, would you take the Eagles and the points? Honestly?
  • The Phillies tried to score Mike Lowell over the weekend, and even offered a better deal than the Red Sox, but he stayed in Boston. Jerk.
  • Good news for Lancaster native and Barnstormer fan Chill Rob A. Von “5 for 1” Hayes has just been signed as their manager.
  • Announcement in about half an hour to let us know if J-Roll won MVP.

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