Chip Chantry presents: 5 things you didn’t know about Ron Paul

When I announced that I was going to start regularly discussing Ron Paul in the hopes of increasing web traffic, my good friend Chip Chantry quickly got a hold of me and told me what a huge Ron Paul fan he was. He feels like Americans don’t know enough about Ron, so he asked if he could start passing along some facts about him. I said, “Add-solutely.” So here is Chip’s first installment. -jgt

-Ron Paul has a tattoo on each set of knuckles. They say “FIGURE SKATING” and “SMALLPOX”.

-Ron Paul wants to shut down all nuclear power plants. He feels that this nation can subsist on the harnessed hydroelectric power of a children’s waterpark in Duluth, Minnesota.

-There ain’t no party like a Ron Paul party, because, well, quite frankly, a Ron Paul party don’t stop.

-When going incognito, Ron Paul wears a beard of bees.

-No one makes chainsaw ice sculptures in the nude. No one, that is, but Ron Paul.

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