Beer is the only thing that tells me what to do

Enrico over at the 700 Level made the point that if McNabb plays on Sunday, he will be booed loudly before he even takes a snap. Which will be another opportunity for Eagle fans to make asses of themselves. So I commented, and my argument was quickly rebutted by one of the rocket scientists who hates McNabb. First my comment:
Just goes to show what a bunch of mindless morons Eagles fans are, and why it’s so much more fun to root for the baseball team in this town than the football team. When Iguchi filled in admirably for Utley, we didn’t boo Utley when he returned and pine for the days of Iguchi. Why? Because Phillie aren’t morons. Eagles fans are. I’m not even convinced that McNabb is the right call to start on Sunday, but to boo the best quarterback in a teams 75 year history before he’s taken a single snap? Beyond stupid.

Here’s the 2nd paragraph of Not a fan of five (his first paragraph didn’t make much sense): i’ll be at the game on Sunday, and boo whenever the f@#%@ i feel like it. assholes 😛 beer is the only thing that tells me what to do.

There is no argument I can make that can overcome that logic. He’s right. McNabb does deserve to get booed before he takes a snap. I didn’t see that before, but that’s because I wasn’t letting the beer tell me what to do.

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