Around the Horn, brought to you by the Birthday Boy

  • Happy Birthday, Big Love!
  • The now infamous Tim Furlong 4:20 story from last week has ripped to pieces by about every blogger in the area, and with good reason: it’s William Randolph Hearst style scare tactics just in time for sweeps week were a shameless attempt to scare parents into watching their newscast. Then the sheer nievete of the piece took it from ridiculous to sublime. Long story short, Philebrity just did an interview with Furlong. He seems kind of embarrassed by the whole thing.
  • Speaking of William Randolph Hearst, did he shoot some dude for hooking up with his girl on this date in 1924, then cover it up? This is a great conspiracy. Check it out.
  • I don’t think that those “Wawa is leaving downtown Philly to concentrate on the suburbs” rumors that recently left me in a corner crying myself to sleep are true. I called Wawa this morning, and the receptionist said she hadn’t heard anything about it. Then she tried to transfer me to someone else, but accidentally hung up on me. I didn’t call back. I just didn’t have the energy.

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