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A guy from Gridskipper tries 10 cheesesteaks and ranks them. He ranks the standards 1,2,3,4 (Luke’s, Jim’s, Pat’s, Geno’s.) What? Did he really even go, or did he just base this on some 1980 newspaper article? He does get a good dig in at Vento though. (via Foobooz)

-My editor (Dorothy) is hosting a debate tonight at 6 p.m. over whether Starbucks is evil. (I think you know where I come down on this debate). Anyways, in an effort to score brownie points, I am mentioning the details here:
Harmelin Media Stage
2111 Sansom St.

-The Major sports leagues just get more and more evil with each passing day. First of all, former Eagles coordinator Brad Childress has decided to dock receiver Troy Williamson a week’s pay because he missed Sunday’s game to attend the funeral of the grandmother who raised him. Meanwhile, in Seattle, Sonics ownership is holding the citizens of the city hostage, saying that if they don’t pay corporate welfare for a new arena, he’s moving. Of course, Darth Stern has blasted city officials for not anteing up.

-But let’s end with some good sports news. The Phils are close to re-signing JC Romero. Now we just gotta get Rowand, and it’s time to start counting down the days to pitchers and catchers reporting.

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