Around the Horn, brought to you by Mr. Peanut

-Thanks for voting for me, gang! Just got named Philly’s Best Quizzo in the City Paper for the 4th straight year. However, after that cover story yesterday, I have to wonder if Steve O. has taken my title as Philly’s favorite “C” celebrity. This kind of reminds me of when Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat took the Intercontinental Title from the “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

-Sarah of the Narotyzing Dysfunktion (above) definitely wins for best costume at quizzo this week, made even more impressive that she threw it together in an hour and a half with stuff she had lying around her apartment. And the best part about her outfit, as the Sofa Kingdom quickly pointed out: she was wearing loafers with her spats.

-Just when you’re ready to believe the stereotype that the Japanese are very efficient in the workplace, you find out they are really spending all their time at the office doing this with their pens.

-Don’t look now, but Dennis Kucinich is making a run.

-Here’s Trivia Art’s latest in the Metro (from yesterday).