Week in Review

Alright, I’m gonna make this snappy, cause I gotta hit the road.

TUESDAY: The Young the Old and the Restless’s dreams of a fourpeat were dashed on Tuesday, as Dork Sided cruised to a win with 105 points. Cornbread Mafia finished 2nd with 88. The YORs finished 4th with 82.

The Sofa Kingdom knocked off the Narkotyzing Dysfunktion at the Bards, 94-86.

WEDNESDAY: At the Vous, Booze Donkey got the 2nd highest score of the week, a 106. Unfortunately, the only team to score higher all week, the Jams, also played at the Vous. They got an incredible 115 and took home the prize.

Die, Johnny Goodtimes, Die (basically a Satan’s Minions splinter cell) pulled off a blowout win over Duane’s World, 101-85 at the Black Sheep.

It was also on Wednesday that JGT strapped on the purple lingerie.

THURSDAY: Speaking of blowouts, Flipped by Bonaduce scored an 81-52 win over the Syracuse Soap Opera, who I believe posted the lowest ever score to finish in the money.

The word at the Bards was that this was one of my toughest quizzes ever. The Sofa Kingdom didn’t seem to mind, though, scoring a 96-88 win over At least no-one at this table has the clap.