The bet

08-2007-1 (Custom).jpg
As every woman I’ve ever hit on knows, I was a dolphin trainer in Hawaii for 3 years. While living in Hawaii, I was good friends with another trainer named Justin from Denver. And when the Broncos went to the Super Bowl against the Falcons in ’99, he needed someone to bet against. Well, we were pretty sauced by kickoff, so I told him that if he gave me the points I would bet him. The deal: loser had to write the winning teams name in the black lava with coral rocks…while wearing a woman’s bathing suit. Needless to say, I lost (above).

Well Justin and I have remained friends through the years, and when the matchup of Rockies-Phillies came up, I got a phone call. The deal breaks down thusly: If the Phillies win, he has to stand on the side of the road and write “Phillies #1” in coral rock while wearing a woman’s bathing suit. If the Rockies win, I have to hold up a sign in front of Pat’s and Geno’s that read’s “Rockies Rule” while wearing a woman’s bathing suit. In other words, if the Phillies lose this series, I’m going to get my ass kicked in front of Pat’s and Geno’s. Today’s game is a must win.