Sports Shorts

-Have you seen the amazing play at the end of the Division III Trinity College-Millsaps College game? 2nd greatest ending to a college football game ever. (Had Millsaps band run onto the field, it woulda been #1). I love how #3 for Millsaps finally just says “The hell with it” and just stands there.

-A bitter debate about the designated hitter broke out in the comments section recently. Here’s some numbskull that thinks that the NL should adopt the DH, and here is an interesting article which claims that the DH is a moral hazard. Bottom line, the DH is perfect for frat boys like Garrett and BMT who hate pitching and strategy and love home runs. I’m not sure where Garret lives in Seoul, but I’m guessing it’s a frat boy suburb where people piss on the streets. And if you see BMT this week, tell him you like his backward Red Sox cap and his popped collar. But keep your distance: DH fans are inherently dangerous people.

-Andy Reid impersonator Steve O. (above) won the Best Sequel contest from September. Yeah, I was a little slow on this, but his Lambada 2: The Dance That’s Been Legal Since 2006 took top honors. Congrats to Steve, who wins a $20 Bards gift certificate and 2 IMAX passes.