This team has made a habit of striking back when the chips are down. They’re gonna be fine. Remember like a week ago when they lost the first game against the Braves and then had to beat Smoltz and Hudson? Yeah, well now they have to win two, but they don’t face anyone as good as either Smoltz or Hudson. I just hate that it’s a day game and this team can’t hit the ball in the daylight for some reason.

That being said, the crowd sucked yesterday. The home town faithful have gotten so spoiled on home runs this season that they can’t appreciate really good pitching. The crowd has got to get fired up, and if the umpire today never figures out what the strike zone is like the ump yesterday, let him know about it!

Oh, and good news for the team. I’m going to today’s game. They are 1-0 in the last 1 games I have attended. The numbers are in our favor.