Never say die

I remember when Utley went down with an injury, and I said to Trivia Art, “Well, I think that may do it for our Fightin’s.” Art strongly disagreed. “Oh yeah, like they’re gonna break our hearts in August. This team isn’t going down without a fight, if only to make the pain in September more acute.” Well, I feel the same way about this series. This team isn’t gonna get their asses kicked for three straight games. A) They’re too good to do that. B) This team seems to thrive with their backs against the wall and C) That wouldn’t break our hearts. Winning games 3 and 4 and then losing game 5 at home would break our hearts.

Teams never come back from 2-0 down after losing twice at home. But teams also don’t come from 7 down with 17 to play, teams don’t make the playoffs with a bullpen that consists of guys who haven’t been good since “Teen Spirit” was released, and teams sure as hell don’t make the playoffs when two of their starters go down for the year, one goes to the bullpen, and one is the worst starter in baseball. This is a team that has defied every law of baseball this year, and has fought like a rabid animal every time they’ve been backed into a corner, so don’t expect them to go quietly into that good night. I’ve seen too many crazy things happen this year. I’m not throwing in the towel until the final out of the final game is made.