My review for Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove was certainly a lot of fun, though I can’t say that I found it downright hilarious and I certainly don’t think it’s one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. I thought the film was almost as much of a farce as a satire, especially when Slim Pickens rode the bomb, which was just silly. As for Dr. Strangelove, I found him amusing but not hilarious. The Mein Fuhrer stuff was more provocative than funny. And George C. Scott’s character was a little too over the top. (Of course, he was a little over the top for Scott’s taste, too. During his takes, Kubrick told Scott that he wouldn’t use some overacted “practice” scenes and then ended up using them in the final cut anyway. Scott swore he would never work with Kubrick again.) But it was a fun ride, and a good pick.

Keep in mind that when I am grading these films, I am grading them against other classic movies, not against typical films. I give Dr. Strangelove a C, well worth watching but certainly not as good as my favorite Kubrick film, Full Metal Jacket.