He’s baaaack.

Thoughts? Concerns? Did you really think for a second that they might go after Joe Torre or Joe Girardi? I think they signed him ASAP so they wouldn’t get hounded by Phillies fans if Torre became available and they didn’t go after him. I’ll also repost what I posted on beerleaguer yesterday:
Here’s what concerns me: I kind of think Manuel got bailed out with a truly terrible bullpen. In other words, since every pitcher other than Romero and Myers was downright awful, he really couldn’t make a bad choice when he went to his bullpen because they were all likely to fail. If the team does get bullpen help, I’m scared we’ll see more of what we saw in Game 2, moves that don’t really make much sense.

However, I like Charlie, and I really like how he’s handled the harsh environment in Philly. I don’t think he gets enough credit for his attack on Eskin. Suddenly, with the team 4-11, the focus was on him and not on the team sucking, and they seemed to right the ship after that. I really want him to succeed, but they have to have someone on that bench who is in charge of the bullpen. He’s a great hitting coach, but he’s clueless with pitching and they need someone better than Dubee telling him what to do.