Around the Horn, brought to you by Miss America’s Box

-NBC’s 10! show has long been on the cutting edge, and they kept that edge sharp during a recent show when cute co-host Lori Wilson said that Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love For You” sounded like, “I’m Shaving Off My Muff For You”. Her co-host Bill Henley has no room to talk, because on the episode of the 10! show I hosted last year, he made perhaps the funniest double entendre in the history of television.

-Last night, when I asked, “Which one is further east, Charlottetown or Niagara Falls?” Ern and a few of his pals hollered out, “Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned, and step by step, inch by inch…” A few people asked me what in the hell he was talking about. It’s this, a famous old vaudeville act.

-James Watson raised quite a few eyebrows recently when he said that black people have lower IQs than white people. But when people blasted him for this theory, he was like, “Oh really, genius, well how many deoxyribonucleic acid double helix’s have you figured out in your life? Because I invented that s***, son.”